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 If you need cash quickly today or even now, the fastest way of getting it is applying for a $400 loan with no credit check online to a direct lender.

  1. Fill in the loan amount of 400 dollars into a free online application form on the lender’s website
  2. Complete the form with all the other necessary information
  3. Submit your $400 loan request
  4. Get instant approval decision within minutes
  5. Once approved, expect 400 dollars to be deposited directly into your bank account same day
  6. Or visit the lender’s store near you to get $400 cash.

What Is a 400 Dollar Loan?

$400 loan is usually a short-term small-dollar $400 Payday Loan offered online and in-store by private lending companies.

400 dollar cash loans stand out by their easy and quick access. Borrowers can get 400 dollars fast same day even with bad credit. You can use the money for any urgent needs and repay it within 2 – 4 weeks when you get your next paycheck. The only downside of a $400 loan no credit check is high APR which is unavoidable due to the high default rate among borrowers.

How Do $400 Loans Work?

400 dollar loan is actually a type of traditional payday loan. They operate the same way.

It starts with a fast and simple loan application process completely online with no paperwork, no faxing, no credit check.

Within a few minutes, the lender verifies your information and processes your loan request to provide an instant approval decision.

When the lender contacts you, you will get all the necessary information about 400$ loan costs, terms, and conditions.

If you sign the loan agreement, the 400 dollar loan transaction is complete the same day, and the money is transferred into your bank account right after it.

Can I Get a $400 Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes, absolutely. 400 Dollars is not such a big amount that lenders needed to check your credit score and credit history. Proof of income will be enough for them to see your creditworthiness and offer you a $400 loan even with bad credit.

400 Credit Score Loan

FICO credit score of 400 points is considered very low, significantly below the average. Such people should look for bad credit loans such as short-term Payday Loans, for example. Banks and credit unions will probably refuse them.

Luckily, $400 Payday Loans are available for any credit with no hard credit check.

What Experian statistics say about people with 400 credit score:

400 FICO scoreMuch below the average 704 credit score which makes you rather an unfavorable borrower
16% of all consumersHave 400 credit score or around it
17% of 400 credit score borrowersUsed to go 30 or more days past due on payment within the last 10 years
$7,661Average credit card debt for 400 credit score consumers
103.4%Average utilization rate among this group of borrowers

How to Fix a 400 Credit Score

Most experts advise to do the following in order to improve your credit score, even if it’s as low as 400:

  1. Don’t expect to improve your credit fast overnight. It’s long hard work that requires patience. It can take you up to a year to reach at least a fair rating.
  2. Check your Credit Reports Make sure all the information is accurate. Correct the mistakes if any.
  3. Don’t miss any payments, do your best to pay absolutely all the bills on time.
  4. Avoid debt. Apply for another loan only if you really need it for an emergency.
  5. Open a Secured Credit Card instead of an unsecured one.
  6. Deposit more money on your secured credit card and extend your deposit time.
  7. Build an Emergency Fund.

Who qualifies for a $400 Payday Loan?

First of all, make sure that small 400 dollar Payday loans are legal in your state. If short-term lending is prohibited by the state’s laws, you’ll hardly be able to qualify.

If the state allows Online Payday Loans, you just need to meet a few basic requirements to get 400 dollar loan:

  • Be a US permanent resident over 18;
  • Provide proof of income;
  • Have an active bank account in your name;
  • Provide valid contact information on your phone number, or e-mail.

Other requirements should be discussed with the lender in every individual case. Typically, this list is enough for qualifying for a $400 Payday Loan.

How Fast Can I Get the 400 Dollar Loan?

In most cases, if you apply before noon and get approved fast, you are likely to get 400 dollar loan the same day. If your bank manages to perform a money transfer today, you’ll get a direct deposit asap.

If it’s a weekend, or you’ve applied too late, you can get the loan on the next business day.

What is the Total Cost of a $400 Payday Loan?

To repay a $400 loan, you will need to pay the full loan amount of 400 dollars plus interest. Interest or APR is regulated by the state. It can also depend on the lender.

The average $400 Payday Loan calculations are shown in the table below:

Loan amount$400The amount of money you apply for
Finance Charge$131.51The interest you are expected to pay for the loan
Loan Term30 daysTime period to repay the loan
APR400%A yearly cost of the loan
APR Amount$1,600The value of the APR in monetary terms
Total Debt$531.51Total amount to repay the loan completely

$400 Payday Loan warning

  • Short-term loans should be used only as an emergency solution when you badly need 400 dollars now and have no other cash advance options.
  • Consider all the possible $400 Payday Loan alternatives first – ask friends for help, talk to the employer, apply for bank or credit union loans.
  • Make sure this 400 dollar loan is affordable and won’t ruin your budget.
  • Think about convenient repayment terms that will let you pay off the loan with no late payments or default.
  • Shop around to find the best lender with the lowest rates and no hidden fees.

How to make 400 dollars fast ($400 per week)?

Though borrowing $400 Payday Loan online is the fastest and easiest way of getting instant cash advance, you can also consider earning the necessary amount. Let’s see check the best ways to make 400 dollars fast:

  • Teach kids how to speak English or other foreign language
  • Try freelance writing for blogs, websites, posts, etc.
  • Provide taxi service when you have free time
  • Do deliveries
  • Type or transcribe, proofread or edit texts
  • Take care with pets
  • Take surveys
  • Babysit
  • Test websites or search engines
  • Work as customer support manager or virtual assistant
  • Sell old electronics, clothes, and more online.
  • Recycle things

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